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A CommonJS module dependency mapper and graphing tool.

This is still a WIP (in some ways). Depending on where you scanning from and the specified targets, things might not work as expected. Also, I started using this with nodejs based projects, so there may be (or is) unexpected behaviour that is not covered.

CLI Installation

npm install -g arctor
arctor -h

Scanning Dependencies

You can scan multiple targets with the CLI, by:

arctor dir file.js dir2 ...

This will output a JSON data object (to be documented..).

WTF?! Examples?


git clone
cd arctor/demo
arctor lib test

Graph It!

You can generate a visual graph of the dependencies.

arctor -g lib

Using The Library On Its Own

npm install arctor

You can require it as so (exports lib/arctor.js):

var arctor = require('arctor'); be documented.


git clone && cd arctor
jake -T


If you find this useful in any way, and have an issue or contribution, feel free to open pull request or create an issue on github.

Code Guidelines

  • 4 spaces per editor tab.
  • No style check errors (jake lint).
  • Tests (jake test) are green.
  • ASI is tolerated (for funsies..).

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