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    #auQuery# auQuery is a tool built on top of two node libraries: wd and fibers. It uses wd to access selenium webdriver, and fibers to make the calls to selenium synchronous. auQuery also provide a jQuery like interface to access the browser that allow using javascript developers skillset back in user acceptance automation.


    Install node.js do npm install wd install npm install auQuery Download the selenium standalone server. Run the standalone server (java -jar selenium-server-standalone.jar) ##Creating the Environment## auQuery cannot be ran directly from the main function in node.js (as it needs to create a fiber). To run auQuery queries do the following in your code:

    • Create a wd object
    • Create a auQuery Browser and init it with a wd process.
    • Call the method drive on the browser that receives a function with two parameters. The first paremeter will be a synchronous version of the wd object passed, with a sleep method, the second parameter will be the auQuery object.

    auQuery Methods##


    • find - find child elements to the selected navigator through a css selector
    • type - write a text into each element selected (alias:sendKeys)
    • clear - clear a input area
    • click - click on the first item of the navigator


    • css - get computed css property
    • attr - brings the first value of selected items
    • val - brings the value attribute
    • text - brings the inner text
    • tag - the tag for the first element
    • classes - an array with the css classes for the first element
    • hasClass - boolean if the first element has a particular class
    • is - if the element has a particular tag


    • first
    • last
    • get
    • size
    • toArray

    Collection Management###

    • each


    This library is not feature-complete compared with Selenium Webdriver. Another limitation is that it does not implement (or plant to implement) all of jQuery features.




    npm i aquery

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