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    A React Native button component customizable via style props.

    Button component screenshot Android Button component screenshot

    Renders a TouchableOpacity under iOS and a TouchableNativeFeedback under Android.


    apsl-react-native-button>=2.6.0 needs React Native 0.28 or higher. apsl-react-native-button>=2.5.0 needs React Native 0.25 or higher. apsl-react-native-button<=2.4.2 needs React Native 0.16 or higher.

    Install the package:

    $ npm i apsl-react-native-button --save

    Import the Button component:

    import Button from 'apsl-react-native-button'


    Provide TouchableWithoutFeedback' props to the component (including style), textStyle's StyleSheet to customize the inner text and a children node to render. You can also provide the isLoading prop that will dim the button and disable it to prevent accidental taps.

    <Button style={{backgroundColor: 'red'}} textStyle={{fontSize: 18}}>

    You can also provide a <Button> element with nested children that are not strings or <Text> elements as long as they are valid React elements or numbers. This helps if your project is using another library that provides easy icon integration utilizing the <i> tag, for instance, as well as various other cases where you are creating visually complex buttons. You may omit the textStyle property and apply your own styles to your child elements as you see fit. Multiple children are allowed.

    <Button style={{backgroundColor: 'blue'}}>
      <View style={styles.nestedViewStyle}>
        <Text style={styles.nestedTextStyle}>Nested views!</Text>


    Prop Type Description
    onPress func Function to execute when the onPress event is triggered.
    onPressIn func Function to execute when the onPressIn event is triggered.
    onPressOut func Function to execute when the onPressOut event is triggered.
    onLongPress func Function to execute when the onLongPress event is triggered.
    textStyle TextStylePropTypes The StyleSheet to apply to the inner button text.
    disabledStyle TextStylePropTypes The StyleSheet to apply when disabled.
    children string, number, React.Element,or array The child nodes to render inside the button. If child is string or number, it will be rendered inside of a <Text> element with textStyle applied if present. Multiple children are allowed (array).
    isLoading bool Renders an inactive state dimmed button with a spinner if true.
    isDisabled bool Renders an inactive state dimmed button if true.
    activeOpacity Number The button onpressing transparency (Usually with a point value between 0 and 1).
    activityIndicatorColor string Sets the button of the ActivityIndicatorIOS or ProgressBarAndroid in the loading state.
    background TouchableNativeFeedback.propTypes.background Android only. The background prop of TouchableNativeFeedback.

    Check the included example for more options.

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