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An Appygram connector

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  var appygram = require('appygram');
  //Make sure to use app.router; otherwise this middleware will not work 

appygram lets you add a user object to the trace it sends. It defaults to not sending a user object. To enable do

appygram.include_user = true;

It defaults to the location of req['user']. To change this do

appygram.user_location = "user_session_obj"

Note appygram only will support the user location if it is in the req object.

To change the 'software' set with a trace object do

appygram.app_name = "my awesome express app"

Otherwise it will default to "node application"

If you need to reset the appygram object for some reason a method is exposed to handle this for you.


You can see some basic examples here.

Example app

Basic sendFeedback Method

  var appygram = require('appygram');
   message:'I am sending an appygram!',
  }, function(){
    //done sending feedback 

Most of the options for the express route are available to this method with the exception of the include user option.