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AppSync subscription implemented as an RxJs observable

This library provides an optimized way to subscribe to AppSync updates and get a stream of events. It aims to hide the connection management part and behaves as each subscription has its own connection.

It handles:

  • Reuses the same connection for multiple subscriptions
  • The authorization headers used for the connection are the same as the subscription that opened that connection. This makes it easy to refresh authorization for reconnections.
  • Provides an opened handler that is called when AppSync sends the start_ack message. This makes it possible to reliably know when events are expected
  • Allows defining the retry parameters for both the connection and the subscription


Initialize the connection object:

import { appsyncRealtime, persistentSubscription } from "appsync-subscription-observable";

// APIURL is the AppSync GraphQL URL
const connection = appsyncRealtime({APIURL});

Subscribe to updates:

connection({getAuthorizationHeaders: () => ({...})(query, variables)
    next: (e) => console.log("new item", e),
    error: (e) => console.log("error", e),
    complete: () => console.log("complete"),



  • APIURL: AppSync GraphQL endpoint (required)
  • connectionRetryConfig: base, cap, maxAttempts, timeout: connection retry parameters
  • closeDelay: an observable factory that can delay closing the connection when all subscription are unsubscribed
  • WebSocketCtor: the WebSocket to use


  • getAuthorizationHeaders: a function that gets a connect and a data arguments and needs to return an object with the authorization headers (required)
  • opened: a function that will be called when the start_ack message is received from AppSync
  • subscriptionRetryConfig: base, cap, maxAttempts, timeout: subscription retry parameters
  • query, variables: the subscription query

The observable will:

  • emit an event for every data event coming for the subscription
  • completes when the subscription is completed or the connection is closed
  • errors if the subscription or the connection receives an error event

Persistent subscription

The library also provides a persistentSubscription export that is designed to never terminate. It is useful for operations that need to run without termination.

To use it:

import { appsyncRealtime, persistentSubscription } from "appsync-subscription-observable";

const connection = appsyncRealtime({APIURL});

persistentSubscription(connection)({getAuthorizationHeaders})(query, variables)
  .subscribe((e) => console.log("new item", e);

The options it supports on top of the subscription:

  • closed: a function that is called when the connection is offline. It is an approximation, but can be used to show an offline label
  • reopenTimeoutOnError: an Observable factory to define when to retry after an error
  • reopenTimeoutOnComplete: an Observable factory to define when to retry after a complete

The obseravable never ends, it only emits events.

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