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FileUploadClient - client to simplify upload process for AppCenter needs using Microsoft file upload service


  1. npm install
  2. npm run build


There are a bunch of scripts in package.json file. Here's what they are and what they do:

Script command What it does
npm run build Compiles the typescript into javascript, creates dist directory.
npm run clean Cleans up any compilation output.
npm run prepublish Clean dist folder, compiles ts and moves js to dist folder.

There will be more over time.

Publish package updates to npm

If you don't already have a user account in npm, go to your terminal and type in npm adduser and follow the instructions to create an account.

Go to to view the list of admins.

Ask one of the current admins to add you to the package as an admin in npm.

Wait 30 minutes after getting added to the package and then go to your terminal and type.

npm run prepublish

npm publish

If you have auth issues when running these commands type npm login in your terminal and follow the instructions to log in.

JavaScript API Reference

After importing, file-upload-client module could be used by calling upload method, accepting the following object:

interface IFileUploadClientSettings {
  assetId: string;
  assetDomain: string;
  assetToken: string;
  filePath: string;
  useLogging?: boolean;

  onProgressChanged?(progress: IProgress): void;
  onMessage?(errorMessage: string, MessageLevel: MessageLevel): void;
  onStateChanged?(status: FileUploadServiceState): void;

NOTE: assetId/assetDomain/assetToken should be provided by File Upload Service.

The upload events adds useful hooks to track upload process.

File Upload client public methods avaliable:

  • [upload]: Uploads file by providing relevant information fetched from Upload Service:
const fileUploadData = {
  assetId: "",
  assetToken: "",
  assetUploadDomian: ""

Example Usage:

new FileUploadClient().upload(<IFileUploadClientSettings>{
  onMessage: (uploadMessage: string, messageLevel: MessageLevel) => {
    console.log(`Upload message:  ${uploadMessage}`);
  onProgressChanged: (progressData: IProgress) => {
    console.log(`Upload progress: ${progressData.percentCompleted}`);
  assetId: fileUploadData.assetId,
  assetDomain: fileUploadData.assetUploadDomian,
  assetToken: fileUploadData.assetToken,
  filePath: FILE_PATH
}).then((uploadResult: IUploadResults) => {
  console.log("Wow, upload completed, use this URL to download file: ", uploadResult.downloadUrl);
}).catch((error: FileUploadError) => {
  console.log('An error occured: ', error.message);
  • [cancel]: Cancel current upload:

Example Usage:

const uploadClient = new FileUploadClient({ ... });
uploadClient.upload( { ... });
  • [isUploadInProgress]: Check if upload is already in progress:

Example Usage:

const uploadClient = new FileUploadClient({ ... });
const isInProgress = uploadClient.isUploadInProgress();




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