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This project provides an all-in-one script for Microsoft AppCenter:

This script automates the whole flow to create project, connect repo, configure build settings, and generate mobile apps.


With Node environment, add this script to your dev dependencies.

yarn add appcenter-auto-builder --dev


npm install appcenter-auto-builder --save-dev

Usage - AppCenterBuilder

With a proper AppCenterBuilderConfiguration config, you can run it with AppCenterBuilder.

It returns a Promise, which resolves when the build succeeds, or rejects when errors occur.

The resolved object is an AppCenterBuildContext, with which you can handle the bundle, disconnect the repo, etc.

import {AppCenterBuilderConfiguration, AppCenterBuilder} from "appcenter-auto-builder";

const config: AppCenterBuilderConfiguration = {
    apiToken: "<Your API Token>",
    project: {
        name: "test-react-native-ios",
        os: "iOS",
        platform: "React-Native",
    repo: {
        url: "",
    owner: {
        type: "individual",
        name: "<Your Account Name>",
    buildSetting: {
        trigger: "manual",
        artifactVersioning: {buildNumberFormat: "buildId"},
        environmentVariables: [
            {name: "TEST_ENV_1", value: "1"},
            {name: "TEST_ENV_2", value:},
        toolsets: {
            javascript: {
                packageJsonPath: "package.json",
                nodeVersion: "12.x",
            xcode: {

new AppCenterBuilder(config).build();

To learn more about AppCenterBuilderConfiguration interface, please read type.d.ts, with proper comments.

Usage - AppCenterCleaner

With a proper AppCenterCleanerConfiguration config, you can run it with AppCenterCleaner.

There will be a Cli prompt for confirmation of deletion, type yes to proceed, no to exit.

import {AppCenterCleaner, AppCenterCleanerConfiguration} from "appcenter-auto-builder";

const config: AppCenterCleanerConfiguration = {
    apiToken: "<Your API Token>",
    owner: {
        type: "individual",
        name: "<Your Account Name>",
    projectFilter: appCenterProjects => ["my-unwanted-project"],

new AppCenterCleaner(config).clean();

Demo Code

Complete TypeScript examples (with async usage) can be found here:

Good To Know

You are strongly suggested trying to create a project from scratch on AppCenter manually. Because of:

  • Connect to your repo (BitBucket/Github) at least once manually, to authorize your AppCenter account with OAuth. This step cannot be done with pure script.

  • Learn the complicated build configuration data structure of iOS/Android project. The official API specification is not well-documented. GET /v0.1/apps/{ownerName}/{appName}/repo_config to find out the meaning of each field, in corresponding with type.ts/BuildConfiguration interface.

  • Build the app once, to figure out a great number for AppCenterBuilderConfiguration.buildEstDuration.

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