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Let their browsers do the work

This module auto-generates your HTML5 Application Cache manifest, making it very easy to implement. In Node.JS, but for any web server. This makes for massive decrease on your server load.


$ npm install appcache-node

Any HTML page with this will cache

<html manifest="app.cache"> 

In your app

var c = require('appcache-node');
// generate a cache file
var cf = c.newCache();
// in your request handler
    s.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/cache-manifest'});
    return s.end(cf);

While your HTML page caches automatically, you specify any JS, CSS, IMG, etc.. your page uses, so you have full control over which files are included in the cache.

var c = require('appcache-node')([
    , ''

When you restart your app, the app.cache is rebuilt and so cache is cleared.
or here's a trick to have the cache reset every hour, if you want browsers to have to reload periodically.

// generate a cache file
var cf = c.newCache([
    , ''
// optional - invalidate and reload the cache every 1 hour
    cf = c.newCache([
    , ''
}, 1000*60*60);


A helper function is included, to convert images to data-uris, thereby embedding them into the HTML page, although this is not required to use the appcache.

var c = require('./appcache.js');
var duri = '<img src="' + c.toDataURI('./epic.png') + '"/>';
    ==> "<img src='...'/>"


Run test.js to run an example web server.

More about the HTML5 Application Cache: