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appbase-js is a universal JavaScript client library for working with the database, for Node.JS and Javascript (browser UMD build is in the dist/ directory); compatible with elasticsearch.js.

An up-to-date documentation for Node.JS API is available at


  1. appbase-js: Intro
  2. Features
  3. Live Examples
  4. Installation
  5. Docs Manual
  6. Other Projects You Might Like

## 1. appbase-js: Intro

appbase-js is a universal JavaScript client library for working with the database.

2. Features

It can:

  • Index new documents or update / delete existing ones.
  • Work universally with Node.JS, Browser, and React Native.

It can't:

  • Configure mappings, change analyzers, or capture snapshots. All these are provided by elasticsearch.js - the official Elasticsearch JS client library. - the database service is opinionated about cluster setup and hence doesn't support the Elasticsearch devops APIs. See for a full reference on the supported APIs.

3. Live Examples

Check out the Live interactive Examples at


4. Installation

We will fetch and install the appbase-js lib using npm. 4.0.0-beta is the most current version.

npm install appbase-js

Adding it in the browser should be a one line script addition.


Alternatively, a UMD build of the library can be used directly from jsDelivr.

To write data to, we need to first create a reference object. We do this by passing the API URL, app name, and credentials into the Appbase constructor:

var appbaseRef = Appbase({
  url: "",
  app: "good-books-demo",
  credentials: "c84fb24cbe08:db2a25b5-1267-404f-b8e6-cf0754953c68",


var appbaseRef = Appbase({
  url: "",
  app: "good-books-demo",

Credentials can also be directly passed as a part of the API URL.

5. Docs Manual

For a complete API reference, check out JS API Ref doc.

6. Other Projects You Might Like

  • arc API Gateway for ElasticSearch (Out of the box Security, Rate Limit Features, Record Analytics and Request Logs).

  • searchbox A lightweight and performance focused searchbox UI libraries to query and display results from your ElasticSearch app (aka index).

    • Vanilla JS - (~16kB Minified + Gzipped)
    • React - (~30kB Minified + Gzipped)
    • Vue - (~22kB Minified + Gzipped)
  • dejavu allows viewing raw data within an (or Elasticsearch) app. Soon to be released feature: An ability to import custom data from CSV and JSON files, along with a guided walkthrough on applying data mappings.

  • mirage ReactiveSearch components can be extended using custom Elasticsearch queries. For those new to Elasticsearch, Mirage provides an intuitive GUI for composing queries.

  • ReactiveMaps is a similar project to Reactive Search that allows building realtime maps easily.

  • reactivesearch UI components library for Elasticsearch: Available for React and Vue.

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