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    What is Appalachia?

    TODO: Describe the ARC definition and where it comes from and how it might differ from other definitions of the region.

    Spatial files

    This package contains GeoJSON files useful for topical mapping.


    • counties.geojson

    Congressional districts (114th congress district boundaries)

    • appalachia-congressional-districts-114.geojson

    Node interface

    This is really quickly written, not particularly performant, and hasn't been tested to work in the browser via Browserify. It's mostly useful as a convenience in other data processing scripts.

    Check whether a congressional district is in Appalachia

    var appalachia = require('appalachia');
    var districtInAppalachia = appalachia.districtInAppalachia; 
    districtInAppalachia('MD', 8); 

    Technical details

    To re-generate the GeoJSON file, you'll need:

    • A computer running Mac OS X or Linux
    • Node.js
    • wget
    • csvkit

    First, clone the git repository for this project:

    git clone

    Change directory to the working copy of the project:

    cd appalachia

    Install Node.js developer dependencies:

    npm install --dev

    Run an npm script to download the source data, process it, and output the GeoJSON file:

    npm run build

    Installing system libraries

    On some systems, you may have to install underlying libraries to build some of the Node dependencies.

    For example, I've had to install Development files for International Components for Unicode:

    sudo apt-get install libicu-dev

    I've also had to install Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - Development files:

    sudo apt-get install libgdal-dev

    TODO: Document commands needed to install these libraries with Homebrew.

    Data sources



    npm i appalachia

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