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App Framework      

iOS and Android Apps with HTML & JavaScript - develop, build and deploy - free and open source!



The power is under the hood - but for sure, we have a Demo App.

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Setup your development environment:

  • Creation of a lightweight and well-organized project folder, ready for GitHub
  • Demo App to use as base for your own application with typical use cases

Design your application:

Develop your application:

Test your application:

  • Integrated code check for correctness and automatic fix for standard conformity
  • Local development server with live reload, perfectly to use together with Chrome DevTools
  • Test your application on any iOS or Android device with an emulator or on your own device
  • Use a development Firebase project with automatic database and storage rule update

Build your application:

  • Build process with version bump and compression of all HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files
  • Generation of favicons, touch icons and splash screens out of a single image file
  • Phone frame around your application on big screens, so you can offer desktop access with charm
  • Automatic build as web application, to be used online and offline in the browser
  • Automatic Apple Xcode project build with Cordova
  • Automatic Android Studio project build with Cordova

Deploy your application:

Backup your application:

  • Download your Firebase database content and user list to local JSON files
  • Snapshot creation of all important project files to backup on any external drive or cloud service




Quick start

  1. Install Node.js with npm

  2. Create a package.json file in an empty project folder with the following content:

      "name": "my-app",
      "version": "1.0.0",
      "devDependencies": {
        "app-framework": "*"
  3. Run npm install to install App Framework and setup the project folder

  4. Run npm run dev to start the Demo App at localhost:8080

  5. Read our Documentation