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Return value helper for apis lib


var returnHandler = require('apis-return');
//Some resource class here 
Resource.prototype.get = function(id, cb) {
    db.get(id, returnHandler("NotFound", cb)); 
    //this will return standard 404 NotFound if error or db returns non result 
returnHandler(error, name, cb);
returnHandler(error, cb);
  • error — can be standard http error name in camel case notation or error class. For custom error classes implementation look in the apis lib documentation;
  • name — return value name or return object. If name is string it will return {name: result}. If name is object, it will return this object. If no name provided return result;
  • cb — callback

Errors implemented in apis

  • 400 BadRequest
  • 401 AuthRequired
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 404 NotFound
  • 405 MethodNotAllowed
  • 409 Conflict
  • 413 RequestEntityTooLarge
  • 415 UnsupportedMediaType
  • 500 ServerError