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    apiDoc creates a documentation from API descriptions in your source code.

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    Live DEMO


    $ npm install -g apidoc


    Add some apidoc comments anywhere in your source code:

     * @api {get} /user/:id Request User information
     * @apiName GetUser
     * @apiGroup User
     * @apiParam {Number} id User's unique ID.
     * @apiSuccess {String} firstname Firstname of the User.
     * @apiSuccess {String} lastname  Lastname of the User.

    Now generate the documentation from src/ into doc/.

    $ apidoc -i src/ -o doc/

    This repository contains and example folder from which you can generate a very complete documentation on an example api endpoint. It also contains best practice hints (in the file).

    $ git clone && cd apidoc
    $ npm install --prod
    $ ./bin/apidoc -i example -o /tmp/doc
    $ $BROWSER /tmp/doc

    Programmatic usage

    You can generate the documentation programmatically:

    import path from 'path'
    import { createDoc } from 'apidoc'
    const doc = createDoc({
      src: path.resolve(__dirname, 'src'),
      dest: path.resolve(__dirname, 'doc'), // can be omitted if dryRun is true
      // if you don't want to generate the output files:
      dryRun: true,
      // if you don't want to see any log output:
      silent: true,
    if (typeof doc !== 'boolean') {
      // Documentation was generated!
      console.log( // the parsed api documentation object
      console.log(doc.project) // the project information

    Install type definitions (see @types/apidoc):

    $ npm install -D @types/apidoc

    Docker image

    You can use apidoc in Docker like this:

    # first build the image after cloning this repository
    docker build -t apidoc/apidoc .
    # run it
    docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/home/node/apidoc apidoc/apidoc -o outputdir -i inputdir

    Supported programming languages

    • C#, Go, Dart, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Scala (all DocStyle capable languages):

        * This is a comment.
    • Clojure:

      ;; This is a comment.
    • CoffeeScript:

      This is a comment.
    • Elixir:

      # This is a comment.
    • Erlang:

      % This is a comment.
    • Perl

      # This is a comment.
      This is a comment.
    • Python

      This is a comment.
    • Ruby

      This is a comment.

    Plugins (extend apiDoc)

    apiDoc will auto include installed plugins.

    • apidoc-plugin-schema Generates and inject apidoc elements from api schemas. npm install apidoc-plugin-schema

    For details and an example on how to implement your own plugin, please view apidoc-plugin-test.


    Please create a new issue if you have a suggestion/question or if you found a problem/bug.


    apiDoc is a collaborative project. Pull requests are welcome. Please see the CONTRIBUTING file.

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