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My natural language is Spanish. All texts have been translated with Google Translator.


Node.js server with express that creates an API with the functionality of the m77-raspberry-wifi-node module that I developed earlier in which you can configure the Raspberry Pi Wifi network using wpa_cli from wpa_supplicant.

For developers who need to create a frontend with the functionality of the m77-raspberry-wifi-node module, it will be much easier. implement it as backend.

Why do I do it?

Same as with the m77-raspberry-wifi-node module. Because I have benefited a lot from the work of other people and organizations that offer development modules and I want to give something back to the community.

I hope you find it very useful and recommend it so that it reaches more developers :-)


From git

git clone https://github.com/mangos77/api-m77-raspberry-wifi-node.git
cd api-m77-raspberry-wifi-node
npm install

From npm

mkdir api-m77-raspberry-wifi-node
cd api-m77-raspberry-wifi-node
npm install api-m77-raspberry-wifi-node --no-save
mv node_modules/api-m77-raspberry-wifi-node/* ./
rm -rf node_modules
npm install


It is very easy to configure the package, it will be done in two files:


It is optional and only to modify the execution scripts to pass environment variables, such as the port for each type of execution:

"scripts": {
    "dev": "PORT=8081 NODE_ENV=development node src/index",
    "start": "PORT=8080 NODE_ENV=production node src/index"


In this file is the configuration of all the operation for the execution of the API

There are two blocks to configure depending on whether the execution is development or production:

const config = () => {
    const config_dev = {}
    const config_prod = {}

If run in production mode with the environment variable NODE_ENV=production config_prod will overwrite the values ​​of config_dev

The values ​​to adjust are:

  • port: By default the PORT environment variable is taken, otherwise 8081, but you can set the desired value
  • allowHosts: In a simple array that can contain: domain names, ip addresses or iface=[Wifi interface]. This is to provide security by only accepting API calls to a given url, for example if you only want the API to be accessible from or http://localhost then the array should be ['localhost', '']. In the case of the iface the API will obtain the associated IP address automatically.
  • wifi_config: JSON object that will set the default values ​​in the API calls and are based on the parameters of the init() method of m77-raspberry-wifi-node (device, debugLevel, scan_timeout, connect_timeout)


const config_dev = {
    name: pkjson.name,
    version: pkjson.version,
    production: false,
    port: process.env.PORT || 8081,
    allowHosts: ['localhost', '', 'iface=eth0'],
    wifi_config: { debugLevel: 2 }

const config_prod = {
    production: true,
    port: process.env.PORT || 8080,
    allowHosts: ['localhost', ''],
    wifi_config: { debugLevel: 0 }


In the docs folder you will find two files:

  • endpoints.pdf: PDF with the documentation of the endpoints
  • postman_collection.json: Postman collection to be imported and used


In order to understand all the responses of each endpoint, it can be of great help to see the documentation of the module on which this api is based m77-raspberry-wifi-node

The available endpoints are:

GET /api/wifi/list_interfaces

List available Wifi interfaces

  • No parameters required

IMPORTANT NOTE All of the following endpoints can optionally be sent with the following parameters in the URL (device, debugLevel, scan_timeout, connect_timeout).

These values ​​have higher priority than those specified in config.js -> wifi_config and are used to give more control of the actions if required.

GET /api/wifi/status

Wifi interface status

GET /api/wifi/has_connection

Know if the interface has a connection to a Wi-Fi network or not

GET /api/wifi/saved_networks

List of saved Wi-Fi networks

DELETE /api/wifi/remove_all_networks

Delete all saved networks

GET /api/wifi/scan

List of all Wi-Fi networks available within reach of the device

GET /api/wifi/scan_uniques

Delivery list of unique Wi-Fi networks (ssid and frequency)

GET scan_in_types

List of all Wi-Fi networks available within reach of the device organized by type of connection

POST /api/wifi/connect

Establish connection to a Wi-Fi network

  • Requires sending data in the request body:
    "ssid": "mangos77",
    "psk": "asdfasd3322Fs",
    "bssid": "",
    "removeAllNetworks": false,
    "hidden": false
  • ssid - The ssid of the network you want to connect to
  • psk - Network password. Empty string if it is an open network
  • bssid - (Optional) It is used to fix the connection to a bssid of the ssid, one of its uses is when the same ssid is multi-band and you need to connect to a specific one
  • removeAllNetworks - (Optional) In case you want to remove all saved networks before configuring the new connection
  • hidden - (Optional) Define if it is a hidden network

More details of these parameters in the connect() method of m77-raspberry-wifi-node

PUT /api/wifi/disconnect

Disconnect the Wi-Fi from the device

PUT /api/wifi/reconnect

Try to reconnect to one of the saved Wi-Fi networks

Extra information

Run the server from boot

You can install pm2 to manage startup, number of instances etc.

Host the frontend

  • Load your frontend in the public directory (haven't tested it yet)
  • You can install and configure NGINX as a web server

Redirect to port 80

By default it is not possible for you to ask to set port 80 for execution as ports lower than 1024 are only accessible by the user root or by *sudo.

But you can fix it with:

  • iptables: sudo iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8081
  • You can create a proxy redirect with NGINX

I hope it helps you and please tell me about any errors or comments

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