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The easiest way ever to create an awesome API... no, really. It's as simple as:

$ npm install api -g
$ api init
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$ api deploy

There's a bunch of stuff below, but seriously... just run those commands above, and see how simple it is!

Usage (CLI)

With npm:

npm install api -g

With yarn:

yarn global add api

This gives you the api command line program

# Displays usage information 
# In a fresh directory 
api init

Usage (node module)

With npm:

npm install api --save

With yarn:

yarn add api
const api = require('api');

api.create(name, function)

  • name is the name of the of the action
  • function is the code to invoke when this action is run

function is invoked with (data, api)

  • data is an object containing parameters passed to your actions
  • api is an object containing error and success methods to call on completion


Dom Harrington

Marc Cuva