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This package contains custom axe rules and checks for APCA Bronze and Silver+ conformance levels.



npm install --save-dev axe-core apca-check


import axe from "axe-core";
import { registerAPCACheck } from 'apca-check';

registerAPCACheck('bronze'); // or registerAPCACheck('silver');

 // consider turning off default WCAG 2.2 AA color contrast rules when using APCA
    rules: [{ id: "color-contrast", enabled: false }]

axe.run(document, (err, results) => {
    if (err) throw err;

Using custom APCA thresholds

To set custom thresholds for APCA checks, follow these steps:

  1. Use custom as the first argument when calling registerAPCACheck.
  2. Provide a function as the second argument, optionally accepting fontSize and fontWeight arguments.
const customConformanceThresholdFn = (fontSize, fontWeight) => {
    const size = parseFloat(fontSize);
    const weight = parseFloat(fontWeight);

    return size >= 32 || weight > 700 ? 45 : 60;

registerAPCACheck('custom', customConformanceThresholdFn);



  • Node.js v18+


To run eslint (including prettier as a formatter) you can run

npm run lint

To have eslint fix any autofixable issue run

npm run lint:fix


Tests are run by web-test-runner in combination with playwright against chromium, firefox and webkit

npm run test

For watch mode

npm run test:watch


We use changesets to automatize the steps necessary to publish to NPM, create GH releases and a changelog.

  • Every time you do work that requires a new release to be published, add a changesets entry by running npx chageset and follow the instrcutions on screen. (changes that do not require a new release - e.g. changing a test file - don't need a changeset).
    • When opening a PR without a corresponding changeset the changesets-bot will remind you to do so. It generally makes sense to have one changeset for PR (if the PR changes do not require a new release to be published the bot message can be safely ignored)
  • The release github workflow continuosly check if there are new pending changesets in the main branch, if there are it creates a GH PR (chore(release) see example) and continue updating it as more changesets are potentially pushed/merged to the main branch.
  • When we are ready to cut a release we need to simply merge the chore(release) PR back to main and the release github workflow will take care of publishing the changes to NPM and create a GH release for us. The chore(release) PR also give us an opportunity to adjust the automatically generated changelog when necessary (the entry in the changelog file is also what will end up in the GH release notes).

The release github workflow only run if the CI workflow (running linter, formatter and tests) is successful: CI is blocking accidental releases.

Despite using changesets to communicate the intent of creating releases in a more explicit way, we still follow conventional commits standards for keeping our git history easily parseable by the human eye.


Copyright 2023 Stack Exchange, Inc and released under the MIT License. axe-core® and axe® are a trademark of Deque Systems, Inc. in the US and other countries.

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