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any-observable Build Status

Support any Observable library and polyfill

Like any-promise. (Docs are lacking here, so refer to those docs for now)


$ npm install --save any-observable

You must also install the Observable library you want:

$ npm install --save zen-observable


const Observable = require('any-observable'); // using `zen-observable` since it's installed 
Observable.of(1, 2).forEach(x => console.log(x));
//=> 1 
//=> 2 

Registration Shortcuts

This adds the following shortcut registrations:

  • rxjs-min: Bare bones RxJs Observable implementation. See the RxJs Installation Instructions for details on patching additional methods into that implementation.
  • rxjs: Same as rxjs-min, but adds the somewhat standard Observable.of and Observable.from.
  • rxjs-all: The kitchen sink approach to Observables.
  • zen: The zen-observable implementation.

Shortcut registration can be done as follows:

import 'any-observable/register/zen';

It's especially handy for more recent versions of Node.js (and many test runners), that offer a --require flag:

$ ava --require=any-observable/register/zen test.js



MIT © Sindre Sorhus