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Animation utilities for Jibo's coordinated expression output.

This module is composed of a number of useful libraries:

  • animation-animate: Implementation classes for the animate API: animation builders, look-ats, transitions, etc.
  • animation-body: Classes for connecting animation-utilities to Jibo's body services/simulator.
  • animation-macros: Helper macros for common animation API setup tasks.
  • animation-visualize: Implementation of the visualize API: WebGL canvases for Jibo's eye and body.
  • geometry-info: Utility classes for working with robot configuration and geometry info.
  • geometry-config: Content files specifying robot geometry, kinematics, and related config.
  • ifr-core: IFR core utility classes.
  • ifr-geometry: IFR base classes for 3D geometry/graphics.
  • ifr-motion: IFR tools for working with robot degrees-of-freedom, procedural motions, and animations.
  • ifr-visualizer: IFR utility classes for working with 3D scenes.


Jesse Gray and Matt Berlin @ IF Robots LLC


IFR components: Copyright (c) 2011-2016, IF Robots LLC. All rights reserved. Other components: Copyright (c) 2012-2016, Jibo, Inc. All rights reserved.

IFR components provided to Jibo, Inc. by IF Robots LLC for use only in the Jibo SDK.

All use of the Jibo SDK is subject to the Jibo SDK End User License Agreement (EULA) distributed herewith. If you did not receive a copy of the EULA, you may view a copy at