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Webpack loader for animate.css

you want to keep your css small this is the way to go

create the following file in your config and in your webpack config load it as:

  entry: {
    'main': [
module.exports = {
  // Default for the style loading 
  styleLoader: 'style-loader!css-loader',
  styles: {
    "attention_seekers": {
      "bounce": true,
      "flash": true,
      "pulse": true,
      "rubberBand": true,
      "shake": true,
      "headShake": true,
      "swing": true,
      "tada": true,
      "wobble": true,
      "jello": true,
    "bouncing_entrances": {
      "bounceIn": true,
      "bounceInDown": true,
      "bounceInLeft": true,
      "bounceInRight": true,
      "bounceInUp": true,
    "bouncing_exits": {
      "bounceOut": true,
      "bounceOutDown": true,
      "bounceOutLeft": true,
      "bounceOutRight": true,
      "bounceOutUp": true,
    "fading_entrances": {
      "fadeIn": true,
      "fadeInDown": true,
      "fadeInDownBig": true,
      "fadeInLeft": true,
      "fadeInLeftBig": true,
      "fadeInRight": true,
      "fadeInRightBig": true,
      "fadeInUp": true,
      "fadeInUpBig": true,
    "fading_exits": {
      "fadeOut": true,
      "fadeOutDown": true,
      "fadeOutDownBig": true,
      "fadeOutLeft": true,
      "fadeOutLeftBig": true,
      "fadeOutRight": true,
      "fadeOutRightBig": true,
      "fadeOutUp": true,
      "fadeOutUpBig": true,
    "flippers": {
      "flip": true,
      "flipInX": true,
      "flipInY": true,
      "flipOutX": true,
      "flipOutY": true,
    "lightspeed": {
      "lightSpeedIn": true,
      "lightSpeedOut": true,
    "rotating_entrances": {
      "rotateIn": true,
      "rotateInDownLeft": true,
      "rotateInDownRight": true,
      "rotateInUpLeft": true,
      "rotateInUpRight": true,
    "rotating_exits": {
      "rotateOut": true,
      "rotateOutDownLeft": true,
      "rotateOutDownRight": true,
      "rotateOutUpLeft": true,
      "rotateOutUpRight": true,
    "specials": {
      "hinge": true,
      "rollIn": true,
      "rollOut": true,
    "zooming_entrances": {
      "zoomIn": true,
      "zoomInDown": true,
      "zoomInLeft": true,
      "zoomInRight": true,
      "zoomInUp": true,
    "zooming_exits": {
      "zoomOut": true,
      "zoomOutDown": true,
      "zoomOutLeft": true,
      "zoomOutRight": true,
      "zoomOutUp": true,
    "sliding_entrances": {
      "slideInDown": true,
      "slideInLeft": true,
      "slideInRight": true,
      "slideInUp": true,
    "sliding_exits": {
      "slideOutDown": true,
      "slideOutLeft": true,
      "slideOutRight": true,
      "slideOutUp": true,


animate-css-webpack is licensed under the MIT license. (


Pull requests are the way to go here. Submit a PR and I will review once I get a chance, there are no hard guidelines for PRs just follow some sort of a sesnible style similar to what is there.