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This has grown bigger to be a simple seed/starter project. This is an angular 2 template project using which new projects can be developed.

This project at aimed at angular 2 beginners.. and DOES NOT contains anything to do with unit testing(karma/jasmine/whatsitsname)

git :

How to use

  1. git clone
  2. cd angular2-webpack-starter
  3. npm i
  4. npm run start
  5. to deploy -> npm run build:prod. Deploy the 'dist' folder in apache or nginix. Make corresponding changes to apache conf.
  6. If you have never used apache, this will be simpler...

You might also need... Sample backend - a simple backend app. Adding the api used in frontend.Use this in tandem.

A much more simple backend project can be found here. Might not be fully compatible.


  • uses Webpack 1
  • lazy loading of feature modules
  • offline mode. Toggle from config/appConfig..json. Set to true by default. Add functions to DummyData. See examples in LoginService, DeviceService.
  • using config/env.json .. we should be able to switch config files depending on the environment
  • added a grid example on devices page (
  • added a chart example on dashboard (
  • maintains user session using local storage


  1. redirect to previous visited page if previous session is valid.
  2. add a register user feature.
  3. add tutorial.
  4. find a better way to package the css files.
  5. upgrade to Webpack 2