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The power of Meteor and the simplicity and eco-system of Angular


Documentation and Getting Started


Go to the official docs


If you are new to Angular2 and/or Meteor but want to learn them quickly, please check out our 23-steps Angular2-Meteor tutorial.

Quick Start Using Angular2-Meteor

   $ meteor create --example angular2-boilerplate myApp
   $ cd myApp
   $ meteor npm install

Alternatively, use your web browser to access the link: Download the template application, and unzip the files inside.

Then run:

   $ meteor


Please read the contributing instructions at the contributing page.


This project started as ngMeteor, a pre-0.9 meteorite package. Since then a lot has changed but that was the main base.

Also, a lot of features were inspired by @superchris's angular-meteor fork of ngMeteor