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Angular2 Express Starter ( Advanced )

  • Angular 2 ( 2.x )
  • ExpressJS ( 4.x - with compression )
  • Webpack ( angular-cli )



  • Redux ( NgRx/Store - with server calls)
  • Smart & dumb components
  • AOT: Ahead-of-Time compilation
  • Advanced routing ( lazy loading, router outlets...)


If you’d like to support me developing this project you’re able to do so by donating on PayPal or if you have any special needs/ feature requests don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Support via PayPal

Install / Development

git clone
cd angular2-express-starter
# Install dependencies
npm install
# start server
npm run start
# Client url: http://localhost:4200
# Application ( epxress ) API: http://localhost:4300

Install Redux DevTools chrome extenstion:

Build / Production

npm run build
## Deploy dist folder to app server
Structure of dist folder:
/dist/server <-- expressjs
/dist/client <-- angular2


All html and css are from: