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Angular UI Sortable Loader

Asynchronously loads jQuery and jQuery UI for use with Angular UI Sortable. jQuery and jQueryUI are only loaded once, when a ui-sortable directive is encountered.

Please note that this module is intended to work with ui.sortable and it probably won't work with any other script that depends on jQuery.



Include Angular, Angular UI Sortable and ui-sortable-loader.min.js or ui-sortable-loader.js in your page. You can use bower, or a script-tag:

bower install angular-ui-sortable-loader


<script src=""></script>

Afterwards you need to specify your jQueryPath and jQueryUiPath in the uiSortableConfig object, inside a run block in your app. Note that you need to have declared ui.sortable as a dependency:

angular.module('someModule', ['ui.sortable']).run(['uiSortableConfig', function(uiSortableConfig){
    uiSortableConfig.jQueryPath = '';
    uiSortableConfig.jQueryUiPath = '';


  • npm install to install development dependencies
  • grunt to build minified demo in build/
  • grunt deploy to build minified demo and push it to gh-pages branch