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📙 A light-weight utility to translate numbers from one Type to another that are dependent on DECIMAL SYSTEM but as default it converts from Arabic(Western) numbers like (1,2,251,..) into Arabic(Eastern) like (١,٢,٢٥١,..)


📌 Supported Numeral systems

Arabic, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Bengali, Assamese, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Telugu, Burmese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Sinhala, Khmer, Thai, Lao, Javanese, Arabic_Weste Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic_Hindi Arabic_Easte Persian, Pashto, Dari, Urdu, Shahmukhi, Brahmi, Devanagari

📌 Installation

$ npm i angular-translate-numbers

📌 Usage

1- add AngularTranslateNumbersModule to imports in NgModule

  imports: [
    //here any other imports modules

2- import TranslateNumbersService Service and NumberType Numeral systems Enum in a Component

import {TranslateNumbersService,NumberType } from 'angular-translate-numbers';

3- inject TranslateNumbersService in any constructor and init Enum In the Component so you can easily use the supported Number types

  NumberTypes = NumberType;
 constructor(private service: TranslateNumbersService) {

📌 Coding

⚙️ Using Service (TranslateNumbersService)

👋 for typeScript Files using .

Translate(value : string, to?: NumberType , `from`?: NumberType ): string;

value -the value that has numbers and wanted to be translated

to -The Numeral systems that the value will be translated to -Optional
-Default is Arabic / Arabic_Hindi / Arabic_Eastern /

from -the Numeral systems that is the input is already in -Optional -Default is Digit s/ Arabic_Western / Latin / Cyrillic / Greek

Number( value : string, from : NumberType): number;

value -the value that Already Translated And Want to Convert it To Number

from -the Numeral systems that is the input is already in

📌 Examples


this.service.Translate("i am 28 years old");
//result => i am ٢٨ years old

this.service.Translate("i am 28 years old",NumberType.Arabic);
//result => i am ٢٨ years old

this.service.Translate("i am 28 years old",NumberType.Arabic,NumberType.Digits);
//result => i am ٢٨ years old

From type to another

this.service.Translate("i am 28 years old",NumberType.Assamese);
//result => i am ২৮ years old

this.service.Translate("i am 28 years old",NumberType.Malayalam,NumberType.Digits);
//result => i am ൨൮ years old

this.service.Translate("i am ൨൮ years old",NumberType.Digits,NumberType.Malayalam);
//result => i am 28 years old  

this.service.Translate("i am 28 years old",NumberType.Malayalam,NumberType.Assamese);
//result => i am 28 years old  
//>was not translated as the 'from' input was wrong

From type to number value

let number_Malayalam_Type = this.service.Translate("28",NumberType.Malayalam);
//result =>  ൨൮
let number_Assamese_Type = this.service.Translate(number_Malayalam_Type,NumberType.Assamese,NumberType.Malayalam);
//result =>  ২৮
let digitsValueAsNumber = this.service.Number(number_Assamese_Type,NumberType.Assamese);
//result =>  28
let digitsValueAsNumber = this.service.Number(number_Assamese_Type+"hi",NumberType.Assamese);
//result =>  NAN
//was not converted to number as the 'input value' contained un number characters 
let digitsValueAsNumber2 = this.service.Number(number_Assamese_Type,NumberType.Javanese);
//result =>  NAN
//was not converted to number as the 'from' Number Type was not correct

⚙️ Using Pipe (TranslateNumbersPipe)

👋 for template using .

{{ 123456 | translateNumbers }}<!-- default converts to aranic-->
<!-- Result  ١٢٣٤٥٦ -->
{{ 123456 | translateNumbers: NumberTypes.Arabic }} <!-- example to change 'to' Type -->
<!-- Result  ١٢٣٤٥٦ -->
{{ "١٢٣٤٥٦" | translateNumbers: NumberTypes.Assamese: NumberTypes.Arabic}}<!-- example to change 'to' Type from another type-->
<!-- Result  ১২৩৪৫৬ -->
{{ "১২৩৪৫৬" | translateNumbers: NumberTypes.Digits:NumberTypes.Assamese }})<!-- example to change 'to' Digits from another type-->
<!-- Result  123456 -->

📌 Demo & github

demo github

👋 In upcoming versions, we might add more Numeral Types so please feedback for issues or wanted Numeral systems .


npm i angular-translate-numbers

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