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Angular directive which allows to declare sortable tables and to add pagination with very little effort.

Available via bower: bower install at-table


  • Adds sorting to any column
  • Adds pagination
  • Implicitly renders cell contents by name convention and allows custom cell content if needed
  • Implicitly renders header titles by name convention and allows custom header content if needed


This directive depends on angular only. No jQuery or Bootstrap required! It has been tested on angular 1.2, but it should also work with 1.1 releases.

Usage Examples

See the live demo with usage examples here.


Let's assume we have an array containing objects representing people. A person object has the following format:

{name: ..., age: ..., birthdate: ...}

The list contains about 100 entries and we would like to represent that data in a nice, sortable html table and eventually make it paginated so we don't have to scroll like a madman. With angular-table in our toolbelt, this task becomes easy. Let's write some markup:

  <table at-table at-list="people">
      <td at-implicit at-attribute="name"></td>
      <td at-implicit at-attribute="age"></td>
      <td at-implicit at-attribute="birthdate"></td>


This renders a simple html table with an automatically generated header, showing every entry in our list. Four attributes have been used that need further explanation:

  • at-table indicate that we want to use the angular-table directive to extend our table
  • at-list point to the data source in our scope
  • at-attribute the attribute in each object the respective columns are dedicated to
  • at-implicit implicitly render the content of each object's attribute defined in at-attribute

Our table looks kind of unspectacular by now, so let's use some css, assuming we have twitter bootstrap in our sources:

<table class="table table-striped" ...>...</table>


Now that looks better! Next, let's make the birthdate column sortable. We want to see the youngest people first, therefore sort descending. We're also going to customize the content of the birthdate cell since the raw date format looks ugly:

<td at-attribute="birthdate" at-sortable at-initial-sorting="desc">
  {{item.birthdate.substring(0, 10)}}


And thats it, our table is sortable by birthdate instantly! We can make the other columns sortable aswell, by using the at-sortable attribute only. Also, note how we removed the at-implicit attribute and rendered our own content by using a custom angular expression.

Our list of people is pretty long though, and we hate scrolling, so breaking up the table into smaller chunks and making it possible to go through it with a pagination would be cool. A task done within seconds: We need to define two additional keywords in our table ...

<table ... at-config="config" at-paginated>...</table>

... and add an additional element to our view ...

<at-pagination at-config="config" at-list="people"></at-pagination>

... and we end up with a sortable, paginated table!



Pull Requests

This directive is written in Coffee Script. If you want to contribute, please make sure to work on the coffee sources only. When you're done with your changes, two steps are required:

  1. Update the version in the Gruntfile
  2. Compile:
grunt coffee
grunt usebanner

Running the tests

The code for this directive is well covered with tests, which can be run with PhantomJS and Karma. Run npm install to install the required packages. Then, run karma start to run the tests. Make sure all the tests pass before you send a pull request.


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