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    Angular SVG Icon Preloader is a library to be used in conjunction with the angular-svg-icon library. The purpose is to allow you to provide a JSON file of icons that you will use frequently enough that they can be preloaded when the app bootstraps. You can still load icons after the app bootstraps the same way angular-svg-icon provides; this is just another way of loading the icons.


    • Preload icons as files or SVG icon data
    • Use the icons as soon as the app loads without having to manually load the icon

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    npm install angular-svg-icon-preloader


    yarn add angular-svg-icon-preloader


    For the library to work, you need to first create a JSON file somewhere that your app can load. The easiest location is in the app's assets folder. The JSON file should have two top level attributes:

    • iconImageFiles: an array of IconImageFile items. These items have two attributes each, iconName and iconPath. Both are strings. iconName is how you'll refer to the icon later in your app. iconPath is the URL to the SVG image file. This can be in the app's asset folder, or anywhere else that your app has access to reference SVG images.
    • customIcons: an array of CustomIconData items. These items have two attributes each, iconName and iconData. Both are strings. iconName is how you'll refer to the icon later in your app. iconData is the SVG code that would go in your HTML file if you were using the raw SVG.

    These arrays can have any number of icons in them, and they'll all be loaded automatically when the app bootstraps for you. Here's an example icons.json file:

    	"iconImageFiles": [
    			"iconName": "badge-check",
    			"iconPath": "/assets/icons/badge-check.svg"
    	"customIcons": [
    			"iconName": "academic-cap",
    			"iconData": "<svg xmlns=\"\" > <path d=\"...\" /> </svg>"

    Once you've defined your JSON file with the icon information, just import the angular-svg-icon library and this library in your AppModule. Make sure to provide the path to the icons JSON file in the forRoot method of the AngularSvgIconPreloaderModule's forRoot method:

    	imports: [
    		AngularSvgIconModule.forRoot(), // angular-svg-icon library module
    			configUrl: './assets/json/icons.json',

    At this point, everything is done. To use the academic-cap icon in the above mentioned customIcons array, you only need to use the svg-icon component from angular-svg-icon:

    <svg-icon name="badge-check"></svg-icon>
    <svg-icon name="academic-cap"></svg-icon>


    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    Preston Lamb

    💻 📖 ⚠️

    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


    npm i angular-svg-icon-preloader

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