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Angular Restmod - Validation

A simple validation system which will validate your Angular Restmod models.

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Validating your models will be as easy as:

    $validate: function(_model){
            return "The field username may not be empty.";

Getting started

Download the code

You can get it straight from the repository

git clone

but I would recommend you to use Bower

bower install angular-restmod-validation --save

or if you prefer, npm.

npm install angular-restmod-validation -d

Include it in your project

Add the angular-restmod-validation file from the dist directory to your project.

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/angular-restmod-validation/angular-restmod-validation.min.js"></script>

Next register the plugin:

.config(function Config(restmodProvider){

Basic usage

Using the validation plugin is as easy as overriding the $validate method in your model. This method is left undefined by default and you can override it with the validation logic you want.

Lets say you have a users model which needs at least a username to be valid. In this case you can override the $validate method with the following logic:

    $validate: function(_model){
            return "The field username may not be empty.";

The plugin will check the model before it's saved. In case your model isn't valid it will save the validation error as $validationError and fire a model-invalid event.

You can register on this event and show, for example, a notification:

    $hooks: {
        'model-invalid': function(error) {
            new Notify({ message: error, classes: "error" });


You can also call the $isValid method manually. This will return true or false depending on the model's validity.

The validation error will be saved in the model as $validationError.


  • This is just a simple validation plugin, but I will investigate other plugins and frameworks to see how we can extend this to be more powerful.
  • Make sure requests don't fire if the model is invalid. angular-restmod#326