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Angular Project Generator (apg)

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Setup a complete PWA based on angular and material design

Command line interface (CLI) for angular 9.

Project generator based on angular-cli with best practices. It helps you to generate an robust angular project seed. To get help just type:

apg new --help

The generated app will have a lot of common features like:

  • Based on angular material UI library
  • Predefined pages/routes (Imprint, Login, ...)
  • Responsive layout
  • Basic PWA support
    • It contains manifest file and service worker configuration.
  • Dynamic routes with AuthGuardCanActivate
  • Global data store via facade services (BehaviorSubject, Local Storage support)
  • Usefull helpers like:
    • AutofocusDirective
    • typesafe FormGroup
    • Version Indicator (shows build date)
    • Couterdown & countup component (for session timeout, ...)
  • Gherkin E2E test setup: chai, cucumber, jasmine, karma, protractor and predefined base steps (given, when, then)
  • Integrated jest for better and faster unit testing
  • Theme switcher for light and dark
  • Predefined npm scripts
  • A complete starter template: example app structure tailored for scalability, with examples and boilerplate code for every common thing needed in enterprise projects, such as unit tests, routing & authentication.

Coming soon:

  • Better description of used patterns
  • More Demo pages
  • Generator für common services (REST, Store, ...)
  • Generator for dialog patterns (list & detail dialogs, drill down dialogs, ...)
  • Predefined Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Bank SCSS according to the company style guides


Both the CLI and generated project have dependencies that require Node 8.9 or higher, together with NPM 5.5.1 or higher.

Install apg

npm i -g angular-project-generator@latest

Show help

apg --help 
apg new --help
apg generate --help

Updating npm, angular cli

apg update 

Generating app:

apg new -a MyApp -p app -cp ma
# Deutsche Bahn developer:
apg new -a click-n-ride -p app -cp cr -l deutschebahn -f
# Deutsche Bank developer:
apg new -a TradeFinder -p app -cp tf -l deutschebank

The created app shell has a lot of complexity, which is not required for every project. After generating the app:

  • configure the behaviour in environment.ts
  • delete unnecessary routes, modules and mock data


E2E tests can be written in Gherkin notation.

Feature: 001 Login
  The login page allows the users to log in.
  @goto @happy
  Scenario: Home Page
    Given I am on the "anmelden" page
    When I do nothing
    Then I should see the page title "Anmelden"
  @login @happy
  Scenario: The login button should be disabled when I enter the login page
    Given I am on the "anmelden" page
    Then The button "anmelden-login-button" should be disabled


Welcome dialog

Login dialog

Demo page / css classes

Demo page / company colors




npm i angular-project-generator

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