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    Angular Paging

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    An Angular directive to aid paging large datasets requiring minimum paging information. This paging directive is unique in that we are only interested in the active page of items rather than holding the entire list of items in memory. This forces any filtering or sorting to be performed outside the directive.


    I have often found myself paging across millions of log rows or massive non-normalized lists even after some level of filtering by date range or on some column value. These scenarios have pushed me to develop a reusable paging scheme which just happens to drop nicely into AngularJS.

    Installation and Contribution

    The core of this project is a simple angular directive which allows you to use the code in many different ways. If you are interested in keeping current with bug fixes and features, we support both bower and npm install commands. If you just want to grab the latest or work with CDN's, head over to the distribution folder for the latest code base. Finally, if you are interested in contributing or see any issues feel free to fork and test away!

    Blah Blah Blah.. How to Use!

    To include the paging directive in your own project, add the paging.js or paging.min.js file and include the module as a dependency to your angular application. We do support npm and bower if you are familiar with those distribution systems. Please review the src/index.html and src/app.js files for a working version of the directive if you are new to angular modules.

    // Add the Angular-Paging module as a dependency to your application module:
    var app = angular.module('yourApp', ['bw.paging'])

    Code Samples

    See Full Demo for complete samples and documentation

    The following attributes explored in the basic example are required directive inputs:

    1. page What page am I currently viewing
    2. pageSize How many items in the list to display on a page
    3. total What is the total count of items in my list

    The other code examples explore supporting attributes which may be mixed and matched as you see fit. Please see src/index.html for complete code samples and documentation for a working HTML sample.

    Basic Example

    alt text

    <div paging
      paging-action="foo('bar', page)">

    Enable First and Last Text

    alt text


    Adjust Text, Class, and Hover Over Title

      text-title-page="Page {page} hover title text"
      text-title-first="First Page hover title text"
      text-title-last="Last Page hover title text"
      text-title-next="Next Page hover title text"
      text-title-prev="Previous hover Page title text"  
      text-first-class="glyphicon glyphicon-backward"
      text-last-class="glyphicon glyphicon-forward" 
      text-next-class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-right"
      text-prev-class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-left">

    Enable Anchor Link Href

    The text {page} will display the page number


    Adjust Class Name Settings


    Boolean Flag Settings


    Other Helper Settings

      paging-action="DoCtrlPagingAct('Paging Clicked', page, pageSize, total)">


    npm i angular-paging

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