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AngularJS Multi-Avatar Directive

How to Use

Will apply in the following order:

  1. Facebook ID
  2. Twitter ID
  3. Github ID
  4. Gravatar Email ID or Hash image
  5. Blank user image

In your HTML, use the following. Depending on what your user has defined, it'll display an avatar:

    data-facebook-id='' data-twitter-id='' data-github-id='' data-gravatar-id=''

In your Javascript (coffee):

app = angular.module("yourmodule", ["multi-avatar"]);

Find More Information

Reworked and extended Creating Simple Directive in Angular to now include:

  • Standardized data attribute naming
  • Include Facebook
  • Include Twitter
  • Include GitHub
  • Include Gravatar Email address and Hash support



bower install angular-multi-avatar


npm install angular-multi-avatar


MIT License, See LICENSE.txt