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DEPRECATION NOTICE: This package is designed for Material Legacy (pre-version 17) only. It will not support Angular V17 due to disagreements with the new syntax and the direction Angular is taking. For more details, please refer to the README on the package's npm page.

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Package Name: angular-material-rail-drawer

🚫 Reasons for Discontinuation:

  1. Legacy Support Only: This package is designed to work only with Material Legacy (pre-version 17).
  2. No Support for Angular V17: There are little to no plans to support Angular V17. The new syntax of Angular V17 is not favored, and it's believed that the changes are detrimental to the framework.

📣 Personal Note:

I personally dislike the new syntax introduced in Angular V17. I believe the direction Angular is taking with this version is not in the best interest of the framework. As a result, I have decided not to continue supporting or maintaining this package.

📌 Recommendations:

  • If you are using an older version of Angular (pre-version 17), you may continue using this package. However, be aware that no further updates or support will be provided.
  • For projects using Angular V17 and above, it's recommended to look for alternative packages or solutions.

Angular Material Rail Drawer Plugin

Angular Material Navigation drawer — Adding support mode = “Rail” (mini variant behaviour)

Since 2016, the Angular community has been shouting out of a mini variant for material design.

How to install

NPM: npm i angular-material-rail-drawer Yarn: yarn add angular-material-rail-drawer

How to use

Read example for more information

module.ts import { DrawerRailModule } from 'angular-material-rail-drawer';

component.html <mat-sidenav mode="rail" opened="true">

If "strictTemplates": true is activated in tsconfig.json, overwriting mode is not possible. In this case you can use the following selector:

component.html <mat-sidenav rail-mode opened="true">

This extension adds on an existing mode the Material documentation remains the same.

Extra API for rail variant

On top of all the standard Drawer API from google I've added 4 extra API so you have more control over the animation and size.

Input description default
openAnimation Angular Animation settings for opening sidebarOpen(maxWidth)
closeAnimation Angular Animation settings for closing sidebarClose(minWidth)
closeWidth min width (small view) "60px"
expandedWidth max width for the expanded view "200px"

extra note the default animation time is set to 100ms

Notes: Angular material open state

Close === mini & Opened === expanded

Blog post:

Angular material mini variant github issue:




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