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Angular Material DateTimePicker

Originally designed for Bootstrap Material, this has been modified to work with Angular Material. This is an Android style date-time picker for Angular Material. Some added features include:

  • Double click to select date or time
  • Swipe left to go to next month or Swipe right to go to previous month.


** I have kept this section of the document as an acknowledgement for all the work done on the original Bootstrap Material plugin **

Date Author Description
2015-11-12 logbon72 Adapted plugin for Angular Material
2015-10-19 benletchford Fixed not being able to tab into input
2015-10-19 drblue Fixed erroneous package.json-file
2015-10-19 Perdona Fix auto resize when month has 6 weeks
2015-07-01 T00rk Redesigned element without using modal
2015-06-16 T00rk Use Timepicker alone / Display short time (12 hours)
2015-06-13 T00rk Fixed issue with HTML value tag
2015-05-25 T00rk Changed repo name to bootstrap-material-datetimepicker *
2015-05-12 T00rk Added parameters for button text
2015-05-05 Sovanna FIX undefined _minDate in isBeforeMaxDate func
2015-04-10 T00rk Little change in clock design
2015-04-10 Peterzen Added bower and requirejs support
2015-04-08 T00rk Fixed problem on locale switch
2015-03-04 T00rk Added Time picker

(*) File names have been changed

bootstrap-material-datepicker.js => bootstrap-material-datetimepicker.js

bootstrap-material-datepicker.css => bootstrap-material-datetimepicker.css


Depends on the following library:

  • Angular Material & it's dependencies
  • Angular Touch
  • MomentJS

Installing via Bower

bower install angular-material-datetimepicker

Live Example

Click here to see live examples.


Add the plugin module as a dependency to your AngularJS module:

    angular.module('myAwesomeModule', [
      //other dependencies ignored

This plugin exposes a directive which should be used as an attribute for an input element. The directive is mdc-datetime-picker. An example of this is given below:

    <md-input-container flex-gt-md="30">
        <label>Timepicker Only</label>
        <input mdc-datetime-picker date="false" time="true" type="text" id="time" short-time="true"
               format="hh:mm a"

Directive Attributes

The directive accepts several attributes which are described below:

Name Type Description
ng-model (String|Date|Moment) Initial Date or model to assign the date to
format String MomentJS Format,defaults to HH:mm for time picker only, YYYY-MM-DD for date picker only and YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm for both timepicker and date picker
short-time Boolean true => Display 12 hours AM|PM
min-date (String|Date|Moment) Minimum selectable date
max-date (String|Date|Moment) Maximum selectable date
date Boolean true => Has Datepicker (default: true)
time Boolean true => Has Timepicker (default: true)
cancel-text String Text for the cancel button (default: Cancel)
ok-text String Text for the OK button (default: OK)

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