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Prototype of a Material Design Datepicker Component for Angular 2 with theming support based on Angular-2-Datepicker by Kevin O'Leary (koleary94).

Animation of Datepicker

Installation & Setup

#1 Install DatePicker and Material packages with npm

npm install angular-material-datepicker
npm install @angular/material

#2 Import DatePicker and Material modules

import { MaterialModule } from '@angular/material';
import { DatePickerModule } from 'angular-material-datepicker';
    imports: [
export class YourModule { }

#3 Apply Material Theme to Datepicker

Import themes and apply them to the Calendar in your style.scss.

// Import a pre-built theme 
@import '~@angular/material/core/theming/prebuilt/deeppurple-amber';
// Import your custom input theme file so you can call the custom-input-theme function 
@import '~angular-material-datepicker/src/datepicker/calendar.component.scss';
// Using the $theme variable from the pre-built theme you can call the theming function 
@include calendar-theme($theme);


#1 Add the <md-datepicker></md-datepicker> element in your html template.


#2 Binding to selected date.

You can use two-way-binding to set and get and selected value of the Datepicker.

<md-datepicker [(date)]="mydate"></md-datepicker>

Run Demo App

You can try out the Datepicker in the demo app built with Angular-CLI.

#1 To start the demo app clone or download the repo.

#2 Install the latest version of Angular-CLI

npm install -g angular-cli@latest

#3 Install npm packages

npm install

#4 Run the app

ng serve

#5 Open the app