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angular-json-human Analytics

Angular directive to convert JSON into human readable table. Inspired by


Check out the demo here.


This directive requires lodash. I'm going to remove the dependency in the future release.

How to Use

Install it via bower:

$ bower install angular-json-human

Include angular-json-human.(js|css) in your project. Load the directive after loading angular.js

<script src="<path to angular.js>"></script>
<script src="<path to angular-json-human.js>"></script>

Specify angular-json-human as a dependency of your Angular module.

var app = angular.module('ngApp', [

Use it in your project.

<html ng-app="ngApp">
<body ng-controller="MainCtrl">
  <div json-human="jsonStr"></div>

or check out my Plunker for the minimal setup.

How to Contribute

$ git clone
$ cd angular-json-human
$ npm install; bower install
$ # modify the source code in src/
$ grunt clean; grunt build
$ # test your changes; you can modify demo/ and serve it locally to see the changes.
$ # submit a pull request


  • Remove the dependency on Lodash.