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Angular Hint Controllers Build Status Code Climate

This hinting module is part of the overall tool angular-hint that provides advice about AngularJS best practices. Loading this module will provide warnings specific to AngularJS controllers.


Install the angular-hint NPM module and use ng-hint or ng-hint-include="controllers" to enable angular-hint-controllers.

Further installation information is available on the main angular-hint repository.


  1. Warns About Use of Global Controllers Global Controllers are Deprecated in Angular 1.3.0

Angular controllers should not be globally registered. They should be registered on modules. For instance:

angular.module('myApp', []).controller(function() {});
  1. Hints About Best Practices for Controller Naming

Angular controller names should begin with a capital letter and end with -Controller.

angular.module('sampleApp', []).controller('SampleController', function() {});


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