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Angular Gravatar Image

An AngularJS directive to show a Gravatar image

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Install via NPM

npm install angular-gravatar-image --save


Include the main file

<script src="../angular-gravatar-image.min.js"></script>

Specify in html

<gravatar-image email=""></gravatar-image>


Available Options

  • email: Gravatar email
  • size: determine image size
  • default: default image when an email address has no matching Gravatar image
  • forcedefault: force default image to always load
  • rating: image rating to determine if an image is appropriate for a certain audience
  • ssl: serve Gravatar via SSL

More detail explanation about Gravatar options please click here

Example syntax using all options

<gravatar-image email="" size="200" default="404" forcedefault="y" rating="pg" ssl="true"></gravatar-image>


MIT License