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AngularJS directive that adds support for multi touch gestures to your app, based on hammer.js.


  • Include gestures.js or gestures.min.js into your page
  • Declare 'angular-gestures' as a dependency for your angular app: angular.module('myApp', ['angular-gestures']);
  • Config the recognizers before you use the directive like this: hammerDefaultOptsProvider.set({recognizers: [[Hammer.Tap, {time: 250}]] });
  • Use attributes on containers the same way you use ng-click: e.g. hm-tap
<button hm-tap="add_something()">Tap me</button>
  • You can use angular interpolations like this : hm-swipe="remove_something({{ id }})"
  • You can also use Hammer.js options by e.g. hm-tap-opts="{hold: false}"

Note that hammer.js is an additional requirement and is not included in angular-gestures.

Event data

Pass the $event object in the usual way e.g. hm-drag="myDrag($event)" then access its internals like so:

$scope.myDrag = function(event) {

Refer to the Hammer.js docs for more details on the properties of event.

Supported events

  • hmDoubleTap : 'doubletap',
  • hmDragstart : 'dragstart',
  • hmDrag : 'drag',
  • hmDragUp : 'dragup',
  • hmDragDown : 'dragdown',
  • hmDragLeft : 'dragleft',
  • hmDragRight : 'dragright',
  • hmDragend : 'dragend',
  • hmHold : 'hold',
  • hmPinch : 'pinch',
  • hmPinchIn : 'pinchin',
  • hmPinchOut : 'pinchout',
  • hmRelease : 'release',
  • hmRotate : 'rotate',
  • hmSwipe : 'swipe',
  • hmSwipeUp : 'swipeup',
  • hmSwipeDown : 'swipedown',
  • hmSwipeLeft : 'swipeleft',
  • hmSwipeRight : 'swiperight',
  • hmTap : 'tap',
  • hmTouch : 'touch',
  • hmTransformstart : 'transformstart',
  • hmTransform : 'transform',
  • hmTransformend : 'transformend'

All Hammerjs events are supported. The corresponding Angularjs attribute has hm- prepended to the name. So for example, the 'doubletap' event becomes hm-double-tap etc.

Attention : *end and *start events are NOT CamelCased because of issues caused by $animate interference.

Default options

To set recognizer default options you can use hammerDefaultOptsProvider. Access it like in the demo:

angular.module('angularGesturesDemoApp', ['angular-gestures', 'ngRoute'])
  .config(function ($routeProvider, hammerDefaultOptsProvider) {
      .when('/', {
        templateUrl: 'views/main.html',
        controller: 'MainCtrl'
        redirectTo: '/'
        recognizers: [[Hammer.Tap, {time: 250}]]


If you want to use angular-momentum-scroll with bower, add the following dependency to your component.json

"angular-gestures": "latest"


angular-gestures has support for Require.js/AMD/Node.js. When using AMD modules, make sure that you define hammer.js using Hammer, same goes for node.js. If you are not using Require.js/AMD/Node.js, angular-gestures will fall back to using the global Hammer/angular objects.

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