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This repository is no longer actively maintained.

Issue reports and pull requests will probably not be attended.

I am no longer working with Angular on a regular basis. My day job has switched to React and it's too much effort to context switch between the frameworks. Given the upcoming Angular 2.0 release it seems like a reasonable time to end support for this library.

Thanks to all of you for using, supporting, and contributing to this project.

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formFor is a quick and easy way to declare complex HTML forms with client and server-side validations. You can generate a complete form with as little markup as this:

<form form-for="user" service="SignUpService"></form>

But that's not all! formFor is incredibly flexible, offering a wide range of configuration options. Check out the official website to learn more:

Compatibility and Dependencies

formFor is compatible with Angular Angular 1.2 and newer. It does not require any third party libraries such as jQuery, lodash, or underscore.


You can install this plugin with either Bower or NPM:

bower install angular-form-for --save-dev
npm install angular-form-for --save-dev

This will download an angular-form-for folder into your bower/node components directory. Inside of that folder there will be a dist folder with the formFor JavaScript and CSS files. By default formFor is compatible with Bootstrap 3.2.x styles. A separate, formFor only CSS stylehseet is included for those not using Bootstrap.

Lastly just include the formFor module in your Angular application like so:

angular.module('myAngularApp', ['formFor']);


Interested in contributing? Check out the contribution guidelines!


Copyright (c) 2014 Brian Vaughn. Licensed under the MIT license.

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