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    Angular directive to truncate multi-line text to visible height. The end of the visible text is appended with an ellipsis, optional text, and optional click callback function.

    To use, copy src/angular-ellipsis.js to your project and rename the included module (which is set to 'exampleApp' at the bottom) to your own module.


    bower install hn-angular-ellipsis

    npm install angular-ellipsis

    We forked this repo to fix bad bower dependencies and also to registered it on bower.


    Angular Ellipsis Directive demo page


    • Truncates multi-line text (no HTML)
    • On any window resize, truncation and ellipsis will be recalcuated
    • Text will only be truncated if there is overflow, otherwise it will display as normal
    • Custom ellipsis append text will live-update (if a $scope variable is used)


    1. Select an HTML element that has a CSS height or max-height value set (max-height will take precedence)
    2. Use ng-bind on the element to include text to truncate
    3. Add the ellipsis/data-ellipsis directive to the element
    4. Text will be truncated to visible area, and an ellipsis (...) will be added to the end

    Simple example

    <p data-ng-bind="paragraphText" data-ellipsis></p>


    • Custom Ellipsis Symbol
      A custom ellipsis string can be used. If this value is set, it will replace the default ellipsis (...). This value will be appended at the end of the truncated text, before a custom append (if included). Example:
      <p data-ng-bind="paragraphText" data-ellipsis data-ellipsis-symbol="--"></p>
      <p data-ng-bind="paragraphText" data-ellipsis data-ellipsis-append="read more" data-ellipsis-symbol="--"></p>

    • Custom Append Text
      You can include a custom string after the ellipsis by setting the attribute ellipsis-append/data-ellipsis-append on the element. This value may be bound to a scope variable instead of just being a static string. If a scope value is used, the direcive will update the appended text on its update. Only text may be used, not HTML. When rendered in the truncated text, this custom string wrapped in a span tag, and can be styled through CSS as usual. Examples:
      <p data-ng-bind="paragraphText" data-ellipsis data-ellipsis-append="read more"></p>
      <p data-ng-bind="paragraphText" data-ellipsis data-ellipsis-append="scope.appendString"></p>

    • Custom Append Text Click Function
      If a custom append string is included, a function can be executed on the resulting span tag's click. The function must exist within the controller's scope. If an ellipsis append string is not included, the function will not execute (since it has no element to bind to). Example:
      <p data-ng-bind="paragraphText" data-ellipsis data-ellipsis-append="read more" data-ellipsis-append-click="onClickFunction()"></p>


    Works on modern web browers, which includes any relatively recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 9+. Although there is no formally-maintained list, mobile device support is quite thorough. I will update cross-browser and device issues if they are entered as issues.

    • To make the plugin work in non-modern versions of Internet Explorer, be sure to review the Angular Internet Explorer Compatibility page. This StackOverflow question regarding the Angular $sce service addresses an issue with the ng-bind directive.
    • One suggested use case for < IE 8 implementation is to maintain an additional non-truncated element with overflow set to hidden. Using IE conditional CSS, the truncated element can be displayed to IE 8 and above, and the non-truncated version to < IE 8.


    • Add option to execute passed function on append click
    • Basic option to use a show more/show less functionality for append


    npm i angular-ellipsis

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