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    AngularJS component for input fields based on a configurable mask. Compatible with AngularJS 1.3.4+. Works together with ngModelOptions introduced in AngularJS 1.3.

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    The problem of typing data according to some predefined mask is nothing new. Solutions already exists for this, even natively in AngularJS. Unfortunately, I didn't managed to find a solution that worked the way it should.

    All is needed to such a component is to:

    a) Guide user through typing on an input field, inserting character separators where appropriate; and
    b) If there's an existing value, it should be presented according the mask provided.

    Quite simple, it seems.

    But in practice, not so. I freaked out when I became aware how some libraries approached these requirements (and with hundreds of lines of code, and dozens of concepts to learn). It looks like clumsy code is winning!! But I refuse to use that code in my projects (it's better when we don't see the code, though).

    Then I decided to tackle on this problem and here I present you my approach. I also took it as a exercise of good design, so it was also pleasing to write. When I realized it was actually doing its job well, I decided to polish it and share. From the first prototype, it took a couple of hours more to have it working the AngularJS way. A handful more to make it actually releasable (bower, npm, git).

    All this work is based on the following assumptions:

    • If it is flexible, then it would solve most problems, even ones not aimed by the library author's;
    • Focusing on the task of defining input masks, in order to accomplish a greater objective (smooth user input);
    • Storing input together with separators (if any) makes more sense and should be easy;
    • Do not mess with model's value unless user has typed something;
    • Do the best to parse user input, even input coming from database, in case it does not fulfill the mask;
    • Provide convenience without sacrificing flexibility;
    • By keeping code base simple, it is easier to reason about and evolve;
    • By fully covering with tests, it can evolve without introducing bugs.


    • Angular native implementation compatible with 1.3.4+;
    • Validate input format, setting ngFormController's $error property as appropriate;
    • Store separators in models by default (WYSIWYG);
    • Handles source model containing separators or not;
    • Handle optional symbols in input mask;
    • Allows programmatic change of model value;
    • Automatically sets input's maxlength for you;
    • Provide filter for use on interpolation;
    • Publish common masks under a name;
    • Option to remove separator from model value;
    • Integrate seamlessly with ngModelOptions (allowInvalid, ngChange, debounce, updateOn).

    Also, the following requirements can be achieved by means of integrating with other components:

    • Automatic focus next component when input is completed.

    Recognized mask wildcards

    • 0: digit, optional
    • 9: digit, required
    • A: alphanumeric, required
    • L: alpha, required
    • Z: alpha, optional

    Future Work

    Current version: v0.2.5

    • v0.3.0
      • Delegate validation to custom services;
      • Raise events on format valid/invalid;
      • Make possible use in conjunction with input type="date"
    • before 1.0
      • BREAKING CHANGE (service): Digit 9 mean optional digits, use digit 0 to mean required


    <input type="text" ng-model="ctrl.field" wt-easy-mask="999.999.999-99" />


    <input type="text" ng-model="ctrl.field" wt-easy-mask="999.999.999-99" placeholder="Type your Identitication Number"/>


    app.config(function (easyMaskProvider) {
        easyMaskProvider.publishMask('myId', '999.999.999-99');



    • wt-easy-mask: the mask
    • placeholder: the mask (optional, if different from the mask)
    • wt-easy-mask-options:
      • removeSeparators: boolean = true, if separators should be removed before updating the model
        • Will be deprecated in future version. Use removeMask instead.
      • removeMask: boolean = true, if mask should be removed before updating the model
      • emptyPlaceholder: boolean = true, to prevent any placeholder on the component


    {{data | easyMask:'99.999-9'}}
    {{data | easyMask:'myId'}}



    npm --save install angular-easy-masks

    Bower (deprecated)

    bower install angular-easy-masks --save



    <script type="text/javascript" src="release/angular-easy-masks.min.js"></script>

    OBS: Also available as angular-easy-masks.js (UMD, unminified) and angular-easy-masks.esm.js (ES2015 modules)


    var app = angular.module('app', ['wt.easy']);




    npm i angular-easy-masks

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