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Angular macros for ChlorineJS.

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Comsume this package

You need Java, NodeJS installed.

Pull angular-cl2 to your machine:

npm install angular-cl2

Now you should have angular.cl2 somewhere in your node_modules directory. Include it as normal:

(load-file "./path/or/url/to/angular.cl2")
;; define your Angular app now
(defmodule myApp ...)

A battery-included template is available at

Some other examples can be found at

Develope this package

Install dependencies

# install testem to run the tests on the fly
npm install

Live coding

Have your files watched and auto-compiled:

npm run-script watch

This will watch for changes and re-compile *.cl2 files to Javascript.

Now open an other terminal, run testem:

npm run-script livetest


Copyright © 2013 Hoang Minh Thang

Angular-cl2 library may be used under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) or the Eclipse Public License (EPL). As a recipient of angular-cl2, you may choose which license to receive the code under.