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    AngularJS Chosen directive

    This directive brings the Chosen jQuery plugin into AngularJS with ngModel and ngOptions integration.

    To use, include "angular-chosen" as a dependency in your Angular module. You can now use the "chosen" directive as an attribute on any select element. Angular version 1.2+ is required.


    $ `npm install angular-chosen -S`

    Yeoman or Bower install

    If you use Yeoman or Bower install, you need to rename the chosen.jquery.js or the chosen.proto.js to chosen.js. Otherwise Chosen won't be included in your index.html.


    • Works with ngModel and ngOptions
    • Supports usage of promises in ngOptions
    • Provides a 'loading' animation when 'ngOptions' collection is a promise backed by a remote source
    • Pass options to Chosen via attributes or by passing an object to the Chosen directive


    Simple example

    Similar to $("#states").chosen()

    <select chosen multiple id="states">
      <option value="AK">Alaska</option>
      <option value="AZ">Arizona</option>
      <option value="AR">Arkansas</option>
      <option value="CA">California</option>

    Pass any chosen options as attributes

    <select chosen
            data-placeholder="Pick one of these"
      <option value=""></option>
      <option>This is fun</option>
      <option>I like Chosen so much</option>
      <option>I also like bunny rabbits</option>

    Note: the empty option element is mandatory when using allow-single-deselect

    Integration with ngModel and ngOptions

    <select multiple
            ng-options="s for s in states">

    Note: don't try to use ngModel with ngRepeat. It won't work. Use ngOptions. It's better that way.

    Also important: if your ngModel is null or undefined, you must manually include an empty option inside your <select>, otherwise you'll encounter strange off-by-one errors:

    <select multiple
            ng-options="s for s in states">
      <option value=""></option>

    This annoying behavior is alluded to in the examples in the documentation for ngOptions.

    Works well with other AngularJS directives

    <select chosen
            ng-options="s for s in states"

    Loading from a remote data source

    Include chosen-spinner.css and spinner.gif to show an Ajax spinner icon while your data is loading. If the collection comes back empty, the directive will disable the element and show a default "No values available" message. You can customize this message by passing in noResultsText in your options.

    angular.module('App', ['ngResource', 'localytics.directives'])
    .controller('BeerCtrl', function($scope) {
      $scope.beers = $resource('api/beers').query()
    <div ng-controller="BeerCtrl">
      <select chosen
              data-placeholder="Choose a beer"
              no-results-text="'Could not find any beers :('"
              ng-options="b for b in beers">

    Image of select defined above in loading state:

    Note: Assigning promises directly to scope is now deprecated in Angular 1.2+. Assign the results of the promise to scope once the promise returns. The loader animation will still work as long as the collection expression evaluates to undefined while your data is loading!

    See the example directory for more detailed usage.


    npm i angular-chosen

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