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    A starter project for AngularJS using

    AngularJS + Brunch


    • Full JS & HTML (no Coffeescript, no Jade) & SCSS automatically compiled on save (No ruby, we use node-sass & node-bourbon !)
    • Modernizr (because IE9 is still alive) (if you need a version compatible IE8, get the release 0.4.1)
    • auto-reload during development saves you from manually refreshing the page and the css is automatically injected without refreshing the page
    • Javascript / CSS minification for production
    • karma integration for unit & e2e tests
    • Bootstrap 3

    Alternate Versions

    How to use angular-brunch-seed-no-fuss

    • git clone to clone the angular-brunch-seed-no-fuss repository
    • cd angular-brunch-seed-no-fuss
    • npm install to install node & bower packages

    or if you have Brunch installed run:

    brunch new myapp --skeleton

    Running the app during development

    • npm start to serve using Brunch

    Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:3333 If you use your own server, you can use the development script :

    • npm run-script dev

    Running the app in production

    • npm run-script prod to minify javascript and css files for production deployment

    Please be aware of the caveats regarding Angular JS and minification, take a look at Dependency Injection for information.

    Running unit tests


    • Karma will run tests on save. To insure that changes are saved be sure to have npm start or npm run-script dev running in the console
    • You can set the browsers that you would like to target in the /test/karma_conf.js file E.g. browser = ["ChromeCanary", "Firefox"]

    End to end testing

    • Run the app in development mode as described above using a separate terminal
    • npm run-script test-e2e to run e2e tests with karma using protractor
    • Be aware that changing the SCSS files will compile the new CSS while the server is running, but that it won't trigger a e2e test reload, you'll have to manually relaunch the test server fow now

    Common issues

    EMFILE error

    • EMFILE means there are too many open files. Brunch watches all your project files and it's usually a pretty big number. You can fix this error with setting max opened file count to bigger number with command ulimit -n (10000 should be enough).

    The complete Brunch FAQ


    Olivier Combe

    For more information on angular please check out




    npm i angular-brunch-seed-no-fuss

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