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    Angular Auth Bearer Token Strategy

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    AKA RFC 6750:

    A simple an unobtrusive way to add bearer token authentication strategy to your angular project.


    Install via Bower:

    bower install angular-auth-bearer-token --save

    Require the module in your app:

    angular.module('yourApp', ['auth.bearer-token']);

    How it works

    An HTTP interceptor will automatically store the authorization header from any request with an Authorization header.

    Future requests will always include the authorization token.

    Event system

    The following events are emitted via $emit on $rootScope:

    • auth:session-start - triggered when a token gets stored but no previous token existed
    • auth:session-end - triggered when the token is cleared
    • auth:session-update - triggered when a new token is stored

    For auth:session-start and auth:session-update, the HTTP configuration is passed to the handler:

    $rootScope.$on('auth:session-start', function (ev, response) {
      // logs the HTTP body returned that triggered the session start event
      $log.debug('The data from session start is:', response.body);

    Configuration Options

    • header [default: Authorization] - What header should be checked/set for requests
    • log [default: debug] - Log level for logging; set to false to disable
    • tokenRegex [default: /Bearer/] - Regular expression to check if returned authorization header is suitable


    Disable logging

    angular.module('myApp').config(function ('authBearerTokenHttpInterceptorProvider') {
        log: false

    Customize header and regex

    angular.module('myApp').config(function ('authBearerTokenHttpInterceptorProvider') {
        // look/set `Auth` header
        header: 'Auth',
        // match anything
        tokenRegex: /[\s\S]*


    • Check the RFC to see if we're missing anything here
    • What do you need? Let me know!


    Clone it:

    git clone

    Install deps:

    npm install && bower install

    Test it:

    grunt test


    Please adhere to JSHint code quality standard as specified in .jshintrc


    • 1.3.0: Move to $localStorage instead of $cookies to work around android issues on cordova
    • 1.2.0: Add configuration options for non-standard token names / header names
    • 1.1.0: Add configuration options and examples in README
    • 1.0.2: Add build status to README
    • 1.0.1: Add travis CI
    • 1.0.0: Upgrade to Angular 1.4 and use new $cookies API
    • 0.2.1: Downgrade all log levels to debug to allow supression in client apps
    • 0.2.0: Add event system
    • 0.1.1: Add JSHint as default task
    • 0.1.0: Initial release


    npm i angular-auth-bearer-token

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