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    The Angular Audio Module

    Installation: bower install angular-audio

    Development Instructions

    1. Clone Git Repo
    2. Install dependencies with npm install; bower install;
    3. Install Gulp with npm install -g gulp;
    4. Run dev environment with gulp;


    To deploy to gh-pages, call gulp deploy;

    Total awesomeness for playing sounds. Project page here:

    Angular Audio Project Page

    Angular Audio Documentation

    Release Notes v1.7.2

    • Updated Angular dependency to support 1.5.x

    Release Notes v1.7.1

    Release Notes v1.7.0

    • Add trackTime filter
    • Add disablePreload option
    • Fixed bug where performance could not be changed after sound was loaded
    • Updated bower file and dependencies to use Bower for development environment deps using devDependencies
    • Added longer song in examles
    • automate to github page deploy
    • add stuff to Readme

    Release Notes v1.6.2

    • add hover support
    • update gh-pages

    Release Notes v1.5.0

    • add playback rate supprt

    Release Notes v1.4.2

    • add unlock boolean to disable unlocking if desired
    • added performance var to let user tweak performance

    Release Notes v1.4.0

    • several bug fixes. update version numbers

    Release Notes v1.3.0

    • fixes audio on most mobile devices

    Release Notes v1.2.1

    • removed depencency on bootstrap, jquery and ui-router
    • fix 0 volume bug

    Release Notes v1.2

    • added unbind() which improves performance but loses read functionality
    • reduced file size
    • reduced interval cycle

    Release Notes v1.0

    • Not backwards compatible with previous version. please check out the Angular Audio Docs since this is pretty much completely different
    • for previous version check out branch v0.9


    The MIT License Copyright (c) daniel stern, Azureda


    npm i angular-audio

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