Quick and Dirty zeroconf cluster

A quick and dirty utility that uses zeroconf (Bonjour) to advertise a its host machine on the network and receive such advertisements. It also modifies /etc/hosts accordingly, so that machines are automatically accessible by the hostname provided from any member running that script.

$ aneth start <hostname> [--service <serviceName>] [--watch]

You can provide a serviceName parameter that will be used to listen for advertisements. Otherwise, aneth-hosts will be used.

The --watch options tells Aneth to watch for advertised hosts on the network and modify /etc/hosts accordingly (you'll need to execute that with sudo for it to work).

$ aneth install <hostname> [--service <serviceName>] [--watch]

This will install Aneth so it is started on each system reboots, with the provided configurations. Currently, only Mac OS X is supported, simply using a launchd.plist(5). I know it should work pretty easily on Linux too, but I'm no expert enough to provide a proper, portable solution. Currently, I'm simply creating a dead-simple runit setup. I'm kinda lazy, I know. You are very welcome to fork and submit a patch that would include generating and installing a generic init script (or anything really).

You will need to install globally if you want the aneth executable accessible anywhere.

$ npm install -g aneth

On Mac, it will just work. On linux machine, you need to install a Bonjour compatibility library.