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In my tool belt but use at your own risk. There is no test currently and maybe never.


npm i -g escli
anescli --help
#  anescli 1.0.0 
#   bin.js <command> [options] 
#   switch <type> <to> [from]                    Switch an alias to another index.       
#   pipe <type> <to> [from]                      Copy an index content to another index. 
#   create <type> <version>                      Create an index.                        
#   delete <type> <version>                      Delete an index.                        
#   analyze <type> <version> <field> <text>      Analyze an index.                       
#   pump <type> <version>                        Pump a source items to an index.        
#   help <command>                               Display help for a specific command     
#   -h, --help         Display help                                       
#   -V, --version      Display version                                    
#   --no-color         Disable colors                                     
#   --quiet            Quiet mode - only displays warn and error messages 
#   -v, --verbose      Verbose mode - will also output debug messages 

First of all create your config from the repo :

cp node_modules/anescli/config.example.js config.js

For the create command, you have to add mappings to use it:

mkdir mappings
cat "module.exports = a => a;" > mappings/myIndexType.js

For the pipe command, you can specify custom transformations:

mkdir transforms
cat "module.exports = a => a;" > transforms/myIndexType.js

For the pump command, you have to create the script that pump the various entries:

mkdir pumps
cat "module.exports = myPumpFunction;" > pumps/myIndexType.js


  • add knifecycle
  • add tests