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AMQP-based Consumer/Producer tool

Node.js CI

Getting started

The tool provides --help information for you to get started. Please refer to the --help of each and every command for more details.

Use cases

  1. Publishing messages to an exchange
  2. Publishing messages directly to a queue
  3. Consuming messages "from an exchange"
  4. Consuming messages from a queue



Publishing messages to an exchange

In order to produce a series of messages to a topic exchange:

cat messages.txt | amqp-prosumer produce publish-to-exchange ExampleExchange

The example messages.txt file is a simple text-file, where each line forms a message which will be sent to the broker. To send a single message you can use:

echo "MessageToSend" | amqp-prosumer produce exchange ExampleExchange

NOTE: For convenience, commands have been provided with aliases - in the examples above produce exchange and produce publish-to-exchange are the very same command. Feel free to chose form which suits you the most.

Publishing messages to a queue

cat messages.txt | amqp-prosumer produce send-to-queue ExampleQueue


Consuming messages from an exchange

In order to consume a message from an exchange

amqp-prosumer consume from-exchange ExampleExchange > output.txt

Consuming messages from a queue

amqp-prosumer consume from-queue ExampleQueue > output.txt

Node.JS and RabbitMQ support

The tool is transpiled for Node >=14. Each version is integration-tested with the latest RabbitMQ available at Docker Hub.


Right now the tool provides support only for topic exchanges, and still, it does not utilize all the possibilities which this type of exchange gives (like setting the topic for the queue). Such missing functionality might me added in the future.


If you'd like to know what's happening while the command is running, start it with the DEBUG="*" environment variable set. When you want to redirect the STDOUT of amqp-prosumer to another application or to a file, debug messages will not be passed.

DEBUG="*" amqp-prosumer consume from-queue ExampleQueue

About this project

Just for you to know: this is a side/training project which is used to exercise sorta functional programming in JavaScript. Sorta comes from the fact that JS is not really a language with FP core concepts included. There are open-source projects which attempt to implement FP for JS in form of frameworks, but this project intentionally avoids making use of them in order to serve the purpose of "training".

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