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AMD loader for node.js

node-amd-loader adds the capability to load unmodified AMD (Asynchronous Module DefinitionAsynchronous Module Definition) from node.js applications.


node-amd-loader can be easily installed using npm.

npm install amd-loader

Before being able to load AMD modules the amd-loader module has to be required.


This needs to be done only once.


load modules which use AMD define()

Load modules which are written using AMD define from node.js node.


    define(function(require, exports, module) {
        exports.B = "B";


    var amd = require("./amd");

support requireJS asyncronous loading syntax

From within an AMD modules the async require syntax introduced by requireJS can be used.

    require(["fs"], function(fs) {

support requireJS text plugin

From within an AMD module the requireJS text plugin is supported.

    var readme = require("text!./");

Continuous Integration status

This project is tested with Travis CI Build Status


Kris Zip came up the the initial idea how to hijack the node module loading.


MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.