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Add the capability to load AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) modules to node.js

AMD loader for node.js

node-amd-loader adds the capability to load unmodified AMD (Asynchronous Module DefinitionAsynchronous Module Definition) from node.js applications.

node-amd-loader can be easily installed using npm.

npm install amd-loader

Before being able to load AMD modules the amd-loader module has to be required.


This needs to be done only once.

Load modules which are written using AMD define from node.js node.


    define(function(require, exports, module) {
        exports.B = "B";


    var amd = require("./amd");

From within an AMD modules the async require syntax introduced by requireJS can be used.

    require(["fs"], function(fs) {

From within an AMD module the requireJS text plugin is supported.

    var readme = require("text!./");

This project is tested with Travis CI

Kris Zip came up the the initial idea how to hijack the node module loading.

MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.