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Fun little hack for Javascript for generating alphabet letters


Fun little hax for Javascript for generating alphabet letters

$ npm install alphahax

because I thought it would be cool to do br0

check out index.js and look at the letters without obfuscation. someone should totally fork hax it up and pull request me. plz

var alphahax = require('alphahax');
// we can do simple string 
var joe = alphahax('joe'); // '\'j\'+(\'\'+{})[1]+(typeof !!1)[4]' 
eval(joe) // joe 
// it knows about uppercase letters 
var JosephWerle = alphahax('Joseph Werle');
eval(JosephWerle); // Joseph Werle 
// it can handle spaces too for phrases 
var iliketohaxstuff = alphahax('i like to hax stuff'); // (''+void 0)[5]+' '+(typeof !!2)[3]+(''+void 0)[5]+'k'+(typeof !!1)[4]+' '+(''+!!1)[0]+(''+{})[1]+' '+'h'+(''+(+'.'))[1]+'x'+' '+(typeof '')[0]+(''+!!1)[0]+(''+!!1)[2]+(typeof Function())[0]+(typeof Function())[0] 
eval(iliketohaxstuff); // i like to hax stuff 
// it can handle crazy characters too 
var crazy = alphahax('it also accepts tons of other characters and stuff like !@#$%^& #@$%@% &^%#*&'); // (''+void 0)[5]+(''+!!1)[0]+' '+(''+(+'.'))[1]+(typeof !!2)[3]+(typeof '')[0]+(''+{})[1]+' '+(''+(+'.'))[1]+'c'+'c'+(typeof !!1)[4]+'p'+(''+!!1)[0]+(typeof '')[0]+' '+(''+!!1)[0]+(''+{})[1]+(typeof !!3)[6]+(typeof '')[0]+' '+(''+{})[1]+(typeof Function())[0]+' '+(''+{})[1]+(''+!!1)[0]+'h'+(typeof !!1)[4]+(''+!!1)[1]+' '+'c'+'h'+(''+(+'.'))[1]+(''+!!1)[1]+(''+(+'.'))[1]+'c'+(''+!!1)[0]+(typeof !!1)[4]+(''+!!1)[1]+(typeof '')[0]+' '+(''+(+'.'))[1]+(typeof !!3)[6]+{} Date).toLowerCase()[8]+' '+(typeof '')[0]+(''+!!1)[0]+(''+!!1)[2]+(typeof Function())[0]+(typeof Function())[0]+' '+(typeof !!2)[3]+(''+void 0)[5]+'k'+(typeof !!1)[4]+' '+'!'+'@'+'#'+'$'+'%'+'^'+'&'+' '+'#'+'@'+'$'+'%'+'@'+'%'+' '+'&'+'^'+'%'+'#'+'*'+'&' 
eval(crazy); // it also accepts tons of other characters and stuff like !@#$%^& #@$%@% &^%#*&